Wednesday, December 08, 2010

For fuck's sake...

I get a lot of my inspiration for rants from watching the new magic stuff that comes out on the market. Today is no exception.

This diatribe has been a long time coming. I keep coming back to it because I don't know how to attack it properly. However with the influx of crap I have seen people putting into my world, I have to say something.

The above link is an example of creating magic for the sake of magic. As someone who creates a lot of stuff I walk a fine line ranting about it. Usually when I make something, I do so out of necessity. I'm not saying the others who pump out trick after trick with no basis for true impact don't. It just seems that they are trying to create just for the sake of doing so... or to make money.

There are a myriad of tricks being put out in the last year that are just magical masturbation. It's magic for no reason other than, "Hey look what I can do!" This is not a premise for good magic. Ok, ok it CAN be, but not for EVERYTHING you present.

When I see some of this crap I ponder about how one would get into this kind of trick, make it entertaining, or if it would have an impact on anyone watching it. Personally I want every effect I do to be amazing across the board. I don't want "that was ok, that was good, that was great, that was meh". I think when you start trying to saturate your life with magic that holds no purpose other than to be magic, you will end up with a ton of mediocre effects in your repertoire.

However, I am not all doom and gloom on this subject. The upside to creating too much magic is you have a catalog of methods and concepts that could lead to the next big thing no one has ever seen.

So the moral of my story is magic for the sake of magic isn't good entertainment. However I can't condemn anyone who wants to create. I'm not saying don't do it, but how about stop selling or publishing this lackluster shit? Let people save their money for something they might actually do more than twice.

Back to you Bob...

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