Friday, February 04, 2011

Illusions of grandeur...

Looking at a photo of a "new-ish" illusion and I came to the realization that I think a good chunk of the public is over it.

I think magicians are, as usual, holding on to a tired concept for dear life in hopes it will bring them fame and fortune. All the while the rest of the world has moved on and left us in the dust. They want "reality", (or at least what they are spoon fed as reality), not big shiny boxes that take some suspension of disbelief on their part to make it work.

They want personalities to watch. They want to see stupid drama or interesting characters. People performing vivisection on themselves in some plywood prop just won't, pardon the pun, cut it anymore.

But I hear you clamoring, "Bizzaro you magnificent bastard, people still clap, ooh and ahh and even say they have no idea how it's done." Yah well most people don't know how a microwave works. You don't see them jumping to their feet when someone makes a pot pie do you? Getting a Pavlovian reaction from people and them actually enjoying it are two different things.

So sell those bulky boxes and spend that money on some acting classes or hire a director to make you more interesting. Still want to do illusions? Find a way around the box syndrome. Find a way to make YOU shine thru.

This... I command!

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