Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Puff, puff, bitch...

Someone pointed something out to me today that is very amusing. Humans are, by nature, contrary beings. We love hypocrisy even when we can't spell it.

The entertainment world (as well as the world in general) is full of people who do illicit things. Many of them indulge in some recreational cigarettes that johnny gubmint isn't too keen on. Mind you these are the same people who don't condone piracy because it's "wrong and illegal". I got news for you boyos who do this, you can't really pick and choose. You will, but then your argument will become invalid.

So the next time someone is waxing poetic about their loathing of people who download magic off torrent sites while passing around a spliff, call them a hypocrite and tell them to stop bogarting that shiz.

Then go pirate something of Eric Mead's just to piss him off.

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