Monday, May 09, 2011

Quothe Jimmy Walker....


Ok so maybe I am paraphrasing a bit. I have been sitting on this thought for a while and since I haven't said much in a while, (and I am reorganizing my character and creativity lecture soon), I thought I would finally hash this ramble out.

Jon Armstrong has a concept he spoke about in (I think) Genii magazine a few years back and I also believe it's part of his lecture. He speaks of trying to figure out your super power. What can you do better than anyone else. You shouldn't be able to do everything on the same level.

While I like the concept I think it is going in the wrong direction... at least for me.

One of my creativity tenets is "magician, restrict thyself". So in the yin to Jon's yang (That sounded less dirty in my head) I offer this thought. Decide what powers you DON'T have.

I will start. I am not a levitator. I do not make things rise in the air. Plain and simple. I don't float shit... in any way. Not with my mind nor with some mysterious spooky powers. Period.

This concept will not only allow you to work on the things you can do, but help you filter out the stuff you won't do. Decide here and now if you don't play with fire... or multiply things... or possibly bend helpless flatware with your brain. Make the decision that you don't create life or pluck paste boards from the air now!

This line of thought is not meant to be an opposing view but more as an addendum to an already solid concept. They are essentially the same thing. One gives you options and the other hones those options to a fine point. The rest is up to you.

Anubis help us all.

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