Saturday, August 06, 2011

Fly you fools!!

Before I toddle off to my (very) late night gig, I want to share with you one of the thoughts that crossed my mind at the recent PCAM/CAM convention (Which was killer might I add).

I have talked about how we know the end of the trick so we forget that the audience doesn't also share this arcane knowledge. This fact tends to put us into a rut of crap performances and I hit upon a reason why...

We forget to make the journey interesting because we already know the destination.

we just want to get to that wow moment. Like an over-zealous teenager who tries to undo that bra too soon, we jump the gun and just leave the best moments flapping in the breeze as it were.

A lot of times stepping back from out material and looking at it as if we had never seen it before can be beneficial. Look at the build up (if there is any) as if you didn't know the end game. You might find some ways to make the outcome more interesting and the ride there more exciting. Let's face it...

Getting there is half the fun.

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