Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hey big spender...

So today I needed to make a prop more visible from stage, however I needed something that would be flexible and durable. I only needed maybe a shot glass full but had to buy a large container to get that shot of yellow goo. So 9$ later my prop is finished and I have a huge container of tool dip that I have nothing else to do with.

This is the joy/pain of creating your own stuff and trying to make the magic better. However I am here to say to you now: Don't be afraid to spend the money on something you need!

Do you only need an 1/8th of a can of spray paint in a color you won't ever use again? Will it be worth it or make a prop better because of it? If so, BUY THE DAMN PAINT! It might seem like a waste to you, but it's actually an investment (and tax write off) that will make you look better in the end. O course if you don't have the funds to grab simple stuff like paint or whatnot, ask some friends. You never know what they have lurking in their garage. Also check online for cheaper prices.

Sometimes however, spending the money can't be avoided so you just have to save up to get that part you need. Just make sure you know FORE SURE it's what you need. It sucks to buy something that you can't use.

So the next time you grimace at that 5$ you have to drop on some bauble to improve a prop, just remember it's all worth it in the end....


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