Sunday, September 25, 2011

I am the Martin Luther King of Love tonight...

So tonight, I had a bad set with a routine I haven't been entirely happy with. I been racking my smooth brain about how to make certain aspects make sense and to make everything work smoothly. Well I am here to tell you a secret. Something that will help you in the future.

Pay attention to your screw-ups!

It is said that you learn more from failure than success. Tonight for me was a testament to that saying. After I got offstage I was going over all of the ways to fix the rough spots in said routine. I then hit on an idea to move the props to another receptacle (one that made sense) and fixed some inner workings. I am almost certain to say this will make the routine stronger and easier to perform. None of which would have occurred had I not been so upset about the performance.

So heed my advice: It's ok to get mad about a bad show, but think about what went wrong and FIX IT!!

Now I can relax...

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