Monday, October 31, 2011

Under the wires...

Hey Google wised up and finally made a Blogger app. This way I can easily update from wherever I am, which in this case is Switzerland.

I have been keeping tabs on the new Theory11 idea that sat dormant for many years. It was such a source of speculation for so long it could have been a photo of two rhinos getting jiggy with it and the kindermagi would have been happy as punch.

Despite what I am pretty sure it was gonna be and what it became is neither here nor there. It is now here... For better or for worse.

This is yet another addition to our instant gratification consumer society. I believe with the ease and speed at which magic effects can now be released for a nominal fee it will drive the value of unpublished material way up.

Something that cannot be easily attained will be that much more clamored for. Along the same vein the low price of much of the glut of current effects released will cheapen the material made available due to the law of supply and demand.

So while any number of vapid 15 year old wannabes who could only amuse their mildly retarded housepets fill our lives with their "new" magic, I think I will just travel the world and spread my creations the old fashioned way...

Like Cain from Kung Fu.