Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Just do it!

No I am not having a psychotic episode that causes me to title my posts with old Nike slogans. I am merely giving you some advice.

Last night after my lecture in Frankfurt, I had a lengthy conversation with a magician about creativity and the like. In the middle of the talk I had a revelation and want to share it with you my demented disciples.

It is thus: The best way to be creative is to create. Don't be afraid to fail. Keep working til you get something!

As someone who comes up with ideas in various mediums I can tell you that they often do not look like what I want at the beginning. No matter how much I may doubt it I ride it out to see what's going to happen.

Sometimes when you make a new effect or move it might not do what you want but DO NOT stop. Keep making that prop or working on that slight until you get something usable!

Of course there are the times it won't work and you have to start over. Just make sure starting over us the only other option. On the upside you now have narrowed down one less thing NOT to do. Sometimes setting it aside and coming back to it is the better solution. Think of attacking it from a different angle.

Creating isn't easy but don't let if get you down. Never give up.

Never surrendeeeeerrrrr!

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