Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Laid back...

We rely on card tricks too much. There I said it.

There is a lot of card magic out there.. and why not? They are portable and there are so many options literally at our finger tips. However, for as much card magic as there is... there is very little good card magic.

Oh but I hear you bemoan, "My card tricks are good. My mother tells me so!" yes yes that's all fine and good, but really. Think about how many BAD card tricks you have seen compared to how many actually looked and felt like magic.

Card tricks can be inelegant. A throw away if you will. However they can be amazing and memorable. It's when we stop relying on them as a crutch, onl then can we focus on the good stuff.

Here is an exercise: Try to create 15-20 minutes of magic with ONLY one card trick in the entire set. (None would be preferable but I'm not that mean) We get lazy and sloppy when we create because it's just SO... DAMN... EASY to plug a deck of cards into an idea. How about this... instead of someone picking a card, why not have them select a soda can? Need to force something? Try a book with pictures in it. Let the cards inspire you but then look beyond what they are and what your magic could be.

Oh and as for that one card effect I allowed you? It better be damn good. I don't wanna see an ace assembly in there or some half-assed card force revelation. I want to see something unique. Something that fits who YOU are. It's not that hard. You just have to think about it. Look outside the magic world for your answer. it's there. You just have to search for it....

I will however permit an invisible deck. That's just good magic.

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