Thursday, December 13, 2012

Nacho applause...

So I was reading Jeff McBride's new book "The Show Doctor", (even if you don't like his magic, you should at least read the book. It's the voice of experience. Srsly.), and he had a bit in there that really struck a chord with me. I don't 100% agree with the statement but I would say 95% I do.

By doing other people's tricks you are getting THEIR applause.

Now this is obviously not literal. When you perform Kevin James' Bowl-a-rama he doesn't get the sensation of thousands of voices crying out in agony. However the sentiment is indeed there. By doing something straight from the box, with the stock patter and presentation it came with, doing same old BS everyone else does you are effectively not getting any personal satisfaction for the performance.

Oh I know you think you are. Just because people put their hands together in a loud cacophony when you're doing something nifty doesn't mean it's for YOU. If you want people to give you the clap go to a whore house you can just produce a damn animal in your act.

There is nothing more gratifying than performing something you created OR taking a pre-existing effect and truly making it your own. Do they know the difference between something you bought and something you created? No not really...

But you do.