Monday, December 03, 2012

We are not alone...

At one point the only avenue for crazy people to spread their opinions was on a street corner yelling at passers by. Well in today's world the streets are webpages and the people walking by are anyone who happens upon those websites.

One of the internet's super powers to is to get information to a larger audience via various channels. Social media, blogs, websites, videos, etc. You can be whoever you like and say whatever you want (for the most part) and usually no one will track you down and punch you in the throat.

I remember the big magic blog boom of 03' sparked by the now defunct Magic Circle Jerk (ah the good old days). Many of these blogs have died off or just gone silent for various reasons or another. However there are some out there still going because they care enough to voice their opinion loud enough for others to hear it and maybe open some eyes and minds.... like a verbal claw hammer if you will.

I just found such a person(s) on FB who is doing their best to warn people of (perceived or real) shenanigans in the magic community. Will they continue this watchdog effort until they die? Likely not but hey...

You never know.