Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Damn that rap music...

So when I was younger and older magicians tried to give me "advice" such as "You can't wear that outfit, do that kind of magic, why not do something less weird etc" I always brushed them off. It wasn't because I didn't think they were right, but I knew that wasn't right for ME.

So it amuses me when I see younger magicians bite back at other magicians online when they put up a photo or video and they start getting said "advice" from those of us who have been in the business for a long time.

One such kid on a FB group started getting messed with for his performing outfit. I'm not one to talk about what one wears onstage because I fought long and hard to get what I like to wear to an acceptable level. However, today's youth seem to be adopting the look of "Justin Bieber on his day off getting high on a  friend's couch".

It's ok to dress in a modern style but you want to look better than your audience. My friend used to say, "You want to be the best dressed or most noticeably dressed in the room" This doesn't mean Versace but it doesn't mean Wal-mart either. I can't stress this enough to younger performers: LOOK LIKE A PERFORMER!

If you want to be taken seriously by anyone wanting to hire you for something other than house parties then find a look you like but find something (or have it made) that isn't like anything everyone else is wearing. Personally I am sick of the suit coat over T-shirt look. It's lazy not hip and not very original now. Don't believe me Google "College Magicians". I don't care how clever your shirt is, stop it!

Lastly, I know the hipster look is in right now but if I see one more kid dressing like This performing magic I am lighting your beanie on fire. I'm not kidding. I'm crazy...

I'll do it.

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