Saturday, March 16, 2013

Slug trailer...

Over on the Magic Soup Kitchen there has been some interesting talk in some various threads. One thing came up about removing the fluff from magic explanation videos. People on the street screaming, 30 second intros (or more), and other extraneous BS.

Today I saw this trailer and I am immediately reminded of why I hate trailers like this. Right now I am out in the Grand Canyon doing a gig and the net connection is iffy at best. I have to wait longer than any sane person would to see anything happen because of too much artistic crap going on in the demo. I don't care how cold you are I don't need to see you sitting by a fire. Just show me the bloody trick. You are not Theory 11. Just get on with it!

Oh if that were my only issue with the video. I am usually put off by over-boasting in magic videos. Saying something is "the most" anything in magic is ridiculous. You don't know what I have seen. I promise you a self lighting match is not the "most" anything I have ever seen. Don't turn yourselves into a liar before I even buy the product.

While we are at it, let's leave out the phrase "reputation maker" too. That's just a bit presumptuous doncha think? I could stab a bunch of people and get a reputation for that. Not sure I wanna be "the guy who sets off fire alarms by accident".

As a last thought, do you think people put bleeps in magic videos even when no one said something offensive to make it seem more edgy? I wouldn't put it past most magicians. Personally I'd rather see a studio performance of the effect straight thru...

but that's just me.

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  1. I did not make it very far in the video, I looked down and read all I needed to know before the "artistic" intro got very far.


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