Monday, January 13, 2014

On a midnite train...

How did mob mentality get organized before Facebook I ask you?

Actually let me ask you this: Where do we draw the line on considering something a copy? Is it the same method with a different prop? Is it the same prop with a different method?

What if you take a concept and make your own routine complete with new props and methods... is that a copy of someone who uses the same concept? Why do we damn relative unknowns for doing these things but those we admire get a free pass? (likely the same reason celebrities don't stay in jail long)

The damn shame of it all is the fact that it's part of life in the entertainment business. Creative people get ripped off. However truly creative individuals will always bounce back with a brand new creation. Thieves can only take so much before they are caught (or beaten and thrown in a car trunk).

Choose your battles wisely and make sure you have an army behind you and not just an angry mob.

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