Thursday, December 26, 2013

Foaming at the lips...

I have just been witness to some of the worst magic on television I think I have ever seen. (Which says a lot considering the most recent Criss Fishing Rod shows) I am 90% sure at one point they just ran the footage backward to make the "magic" happen. I have never seen so much obvious (and bad) editing in a magic special EVER.

In my opinion good magic on TV died with Gary Oullet. Today we don't have magic shows, we have reality TV with some magic in it. The worst part is shows, like this and the other before it are HURTING magic. I don't mean outwardly. The target audience of these shows will like it or they won't, just like with live shows. However internally they are doing more magic than good. By using camera angles, audio editing, and other such nonsense you are effectively telling the future generations it's ok to not have skill and cheating at your magic is ok as long as it gets ratings.

"You don't have to work hard. We can fix it in post!" 
"Just stare at them until they react. Knowing how to perform is so passe."

I am sick of this shit. As someone who takes magic seriously as a performer and an artist, this makes me very angry. I have no respect for those in front of or behind the camera. The so-called consultants who allow this kind of bad magic and TV to happen can just choke on their own magnificent penis for all I care.

For those of you thinking "Well let's see you do better captain critical", my response to you is find me some TV execs with half a brain in their head willing to give people like me a chance and I'll be happy to.

Until then we get stuck with "master magicians"...


  1. Well... What show was it? Don't leave us hangin'. The people demand answers!

    Epic rant, BTW.

  2. Anonymous9:41 AM

    I think I know what show you are speaking of, and it was horrible!


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