Sunday, July 11, 2004

A few posts back I talked about a fellow magicians website and the attacks made on his video by the less than professionals in magic. So I was recently scouring the web for amusement and ended up at a few sites that needed help.

First off, if you are going to have a magic website there are a few ground rules to cover. First, try to have a theme that is solid throughout. Fonts, colors, designs, etc. Now the logos and buttons are pretty straight on thru and thru. However there are a few pages where my eyes kinda cross. (More so than usual) Second, learn the age old theory of negative/positive space. Too much white and not enuff text or photos looks.. well, bad.

Ok design crapola aside let's discuss magic content on a website. If yer gonna have photos make sure you can tell exactly what is going on and that people know which one you are. (It also helps to not have them taken with a good camera.) Also don't put photos of you with magicians no one knows. You have to have something to keep their attention and keep it fresh so they keep coming back for more. The more exposure the more it sticks in their memory.

The biggest problem I have seen on most sites is lack of content and poor layout. Also if you have too much to choose from, no one will really know WHAT you do. "Is he a birthday guy? Can he do stage shows? Is he a good close-up guy?" Sure it has all of these options so the answer is yes... but what exactly does he do? It's good to have a focus and direction. I have seen worse tho'. (Also, far too lazy to hunt down a link for an example. Bite me.)

Now to all of you, if you insist to make your own website or get it made for you, at LEAST drop some cash on someone who knows what they are doing. Of course if you think you know what yer doing, get some honest opinions. Also splurge on some good photos. Nice promos, good live shots, something.

If you want a good book check out This book and it's sequel and the website of the same name. It's good for do's and dont's of various natures.

Just trying to help.. I swear.


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