Tuesday, July 06, 2004

How can you tell a magic effect is really shitty? There are a few ways. The first, and most popular is to buy it. Ah yes, nothing beats opening a new magic toy and discovering you paid 25$ for a hole in a card box and a rubber band. Hey is my magic closet hungry? The other is a review in a magic magazine, but let's face it you are then subject to many of their own personal bias. Not a reliable way, but still is something to consider.

What about those who can't see them performed live or get their grubby little paws on them? There is the magic of the internet. (The very same magical place that leads you to flowery little fucking websites such as this. Sure it's a little bit of profanity, but if you don't like it don't read it. Welcome to the 21st century. We're a bit more ruff and tumble here. Just be glad you missed the 70's.) Now here you can see videos, photos and read golden laced descriptions of the newest effects that no podunk behind a magic counter could ever spew yer way.

Now let's say someone produces an effect that, despite the fact it makes no damn sense to put a picture frame over yer head or sell it for 100+ bucks, looks cool. "Wow I wonder how that looks in actual performance?" Well tough all you get is a crappy animated gif. It astounds me that someone who will make a high quality for a piece of chain can't toss together a mediocre video of their newest release. What does this tell me? It sez to me, "Gee this magic effect might not be that good if they can't bring themselves to actually show it in performance." What are they trying to hide?

Mind you if you are not adept enuff to realize that anyone who uses an animated gif, (Especially when you are a film student who actually owns the equipment.), and see the video and the effect STILL looks like shite might wanna pass it up y0. The biggest problem in magic today is people creating for the sake of money. The internet has made it far too easy for us to get it faster and cheaper. Sadly, that negates using a lot of yer higher brain functions. Things such as, "Do I really need this?", "Does it fit my style?", or "Why in the hell should I pay 50$ for rubber coin that I have to dust with silver powder?".

Too many questions and even more unscrupulous bastards trying to take advantage of you and yer hard earned cash. Use your brains. Don't believe the hype.


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