Friday, July 02, 2004

Idiots akimbo. Thaz all I have to say. If yer gonna be into magic A: Don't be so damn gullible. B: Do yer homework (not the skool kind. That's useless. I mean research yer craft) and 3: Don't believe everything you read, see, or hear. What am I talking about? Well thaz easy enuff. Over at The Hive of Scum and Villainy a website was posted about a mage who happened to, as a joke mind you, say he invented ambitious card. I laughed, I cried, I watched in many times more.

Many complain he is awful, dry, un-original, and the like. Good thing he is not trying to pander to amateurs in his field. If he has the money to make a good website and a professional video like that, he must be doing something right. Hey naysayers.. where is YOUR website and video?

Magicians amuse me, when they dislike something they start petty arguments and threads and lawsuits about it. They get up in arms about something they dun like and therefore draw more attention to it. Remember: No such thing as bad press? If you dun like it, don't link to it (Unless to make fun of it cuz' they deserve it *cough*MaGiCaFe*cough*), don't speak of it, don't think about it. This works in life AND magic. Don't be negative people. It only brings you and the others around you down.

Also, get a damn sense of humor.. geez. Vaudeville Aces? I like it. Yer double lift? Looks like crap.


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