Sunday, September 19, 2004

I knew this site was gonna bite me in the ass...

Peter Loughran came across my review for Black Hole and the harsh thing I said at the end about Head Rush (The picture frame illusion they created). I didna like it and sometimes I am not one to mince words. If you could really move your head why use a picture frame? It's like box illusions... if yah gonna her in half.. why not just.. do it? So anyway, this brought up an interesting thing... if someone doesn't like what you do, do they not like you?

Of course they like you. Magic is what we do for ourselves as an artform to satisfy our desire to create and make other happy. (Well for some of us) If someone doesn't like our style, certain tricks, or character on stage does that mean that we suck in real life? Well maybe but not usually. So because of that I just wanna say that regardless that I may not like some of Loughran's products, (Hey some people liked the Elevator, some didn't. I thought it was a good idea.), from what I have seen he is a nice guy. Like so many other snowbacks (Term of endearment... it's a long story, trust me.) he is obviously nuts and pretty nice. (Doubt me? Look at the entire cast of SCTV. Nutz and seemingly nice guys... but I didna talk to them in emails much.. or at all)

SO yah, my writing style may seem very mean, brash, and mean spirited unless I say I don't like someone outright, this blog is for my feelings on magic... and sometimes, I just don't like certain products. I blame my family for all the ganja they smoked.

So go hug yer fave magician today... even if yah dun like that card trick they do with the two pieces of cardboard and a rubber band.


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