Wednesday, September 22, 2004

I wanna rock all night.. and everyday.

KISS... no not the guys with the long tongue and strange make up. I am referring to the acronym. The very oddly phrased Keep It Simple Stupid. While not being overly polite, it does get the point across. Tonight I decided to perform cards across for the first time.. EVER!! First time mainly cuz' it's done a lot and it's just so damn easy. Of course this brings me to the point of this post.

You don't need the most recent shiny gadget or toy from Hank Lee or Elmwood Magic. All you need is your hands and a little balls. (That sure sounded better in my head.) The secret to great magic isn't skill, I mean it helps, but what you need is confidence. In everything you do. People follow and are drawn to those who portray they know what they are doing. It's how you manage an audience, make people believe what you say, and otherwise lead them down a path to their very own DEMISE!!

What is the vehicle down this path? YOU!! It's an easy thing to drive too. So much can be accomplished by a double lift or top change. Let's simplify that even to card forces and a card palm. With little or no trouble, you too can perform miracles. It's all in the presentation. Cards across and Phil Goldstein's "Chinese Las Vegas Pulse Reading" are good examples of this. Using just one simple move you become your own show... not your tricks. Magic should be a part of you not vice versa. As has been said here before, make the magic fit you, don't try to fit the magic like so many girls nowadays who try to squeeze into pants two sizes too small. It doesn't fit and looks horrid.

So while we learn new moves and buy new stuff to entertain ourselves and our satisfaction for new ideas, don't lose sight of what's important... you.

Keep it simple... OR DIE!!!


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