Monday, September 13, 2004

Just a little advice...

If you are one of the unfortunate lucky ones who have noticed the growing trend of off the wall and strange magicians and decided to join their ranks then congrats. It's a thankless, tough, and never ending uphill battle. If you would rather sacrifice easy money and doves (Not literally sacrifice doves.. well some of you might what do I know?) to create something you can be proud of that is unique and artistic, even if only in your head, then you are probably a little frustrated.

The world only wants what they know. Boxes to shove girls in for no reason, animals that get cheap applause, shiny smiling faces with no personality or charm, and rehearsed lines with no emotion or true feeling whatsoever. Trying to open the eyes of others is a difficult task but if you can stick with it, trudge thru the many people who don't think your weird act will fit in anywhere, and work hard at it you might just be rewarded for your efforts and not have to compromise your goals for anyone.

Good luck to those of you who look at life thru a cracked glass. We here at Fire Cat Studios salute you. Now get back to work....


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