Saturday, September 01, 2007

What's in store?

Well it looks like the most talked about thing in magic in a very long time turned out to be an online magic venue for people who most likely DON'T need the money. If you don't know who magicians are, then you need to get out more. (or research your art better)

This comes around to something I have been saying for a bit now. We all knew street magic would eventually be on the decline in some way or another. Stores like Ellusionist and Penguin are no longer pumping out products left and right. Hell Ellusionist is pretty much a DVD/specialty cards shop at this point. The Asshat has faded into the background. Oh sure he does stuff still, but he does not hold sway like he used to. Want to blame that on Criss Fishing Rod? Go ahead. Let's face it tho', at this point they could get ANYONE to stand in his place as almost all of his effects are staged and fake as hell.

I digress. So the street magic is kind of lulling itself to sleep and now Theory 11 comes along with a bizarre mix of old skool close-up guys and new street magic kids. (I will save judgment on their new effects until a later date. I need a few more details first) I dunno if this is gonna be a good thing or a bad thing? Only time will tell.

Until Theory 12 come out that is.


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