Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Over on the Theory 11 boards, (where I do tend to lurk, offering up my own twisted nuggets of wisdom to the youngins'), someone asked who people's influences were.

Now no offense to some of the names that popped up, but to the kids who list their influences as Daniel Garcia and The Asshat.. they need to severely look into their history.

Their site does an interesting thing right now. Every Sunday, they open up the floor for debate with a subject they have let you think about for the week previous. I am ALL for philosophical musings and heated debate in magic. The worts part about it? I couldn't get there in time to add my thoughts before it got locked up. I guess it's a good thing I have this journal here now isn't it?

Their first post was, "What is wrong with magic today?" (I refuse to comment on the irony of this topic on a website like Theory 11) Now I didn't sift thru all of the ramblings of the learned magis, some of whom are in the age range of some of my t-shirts, but as far as I got, I never saw anyone mention one of my gripes.

I feel one of magic's greatest succubi is the... wait is succubi even a word? Screw it. It is now... anyway... it's that magic, along with much of the rest of the world we live in, has become terribly jaded by capitalism. Now don't get me wrong, commerce has to exist in some form or another in this world for it to function. Problem is we live in an instant gratification society (As I have mentioned nth times on here) and we can get what we want when we want it.. for a price usually. Magic is no different my friends.

Books, videos, and effects previously created a week and a half ago on a webcam... all for one low price.. of your integrity and resolve.

Going back to the previous topic of influences. My list is fairly short and some might say unconventional (But not surprising if you have seen my show). The likes of Penn and Teller, Rudy Coby, Amazing Johnathan, and Sylvester the Jester have made my ideas of magic distort and twist over the years. They use magic as a tool to create art. Much like a painter uses a brush or a dancer uses their body, magicians have a choice to let their skills create an interesting, thought provoking, or challenging scenario... but they usually don't. They are content to buy the latest greatest shiny bauble and perform it like everyone else. Hell it's easy to get and requires no real original thought of your own. Why not take the easy path?

After doing some dabbling in the magical merchandise world, I can say that I do see how easy it could be to set aside your scruples and sell your mediocre magic wares and make a quick buck off the uninformed and naive. I also hate to say this, but that could very well be you.

And it probably is.


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