Tuesday, September 18, 2007

We are truly living in a renaissance. As much as a bitch about the saturation of street magic and the loss of our beloved stage craft, I will admit that the lean towards the odd and illusions on the cheap make October a more worthwhile time for us all. Magic has seen a great influx of spooky creepy craziness in the last few years. Let's take a little look shall we?

In the stage category we have pretty much ALL of Andrew Mayne's stuff. Gut Buster, Bisection, Pocket sawing in half, and a handful of many others. Of course there is always the old standbys like needle thru arm, arm choppers, and the ever versatile Razor blade illusion.

Close-up wise we have some lovely little things to consider. Flesh wound (You carve a little piece of yourself up and heal it), SAW (Embedding a string thru yer neck. Great for those of us who don't have enuff skin to do needle thru arm), and even the over-priced one where you cut off yer fingertip with a knife. (Can't recall the name) One such tis the season kinda item of note is the new Go Eat Worms by Dan Sperry. A transformation of gummy worms to real worms in your spectator's hands. Great for those annoying kids in the power rangers costumes.

So you have no excuse to get out there this season and make some magic happen. You could have your very won show for a very low price if you act now!!

Or you could just sit at home and hand out candy to kids who could care less for your double lift. Yer call.

It's the great pumpkin Charlie Brown.


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