Monday, December 01, 2008

Can we talk?

So I did watch the world magic awards. I want to comment on a few of the things I saw on that show. First off, the editing needed some work. The canned obviouscanned laughter and applause, in my opinion, takes away from the authenticity of the performer and their act. (Much like changing their music, but I won't go into that) When you put in reactions that were obviously NOT there to begin with all too often it just gets annoying.

So hey, what about those performers hunh? Kirby Van Angel.. er.. Birch. Talk about selling out. I understand altering your look to keep up with the times but changing your look to look like someone else to jump on THEIR bandwagon... please. Get a better agent man. Speaking of stuff that made no sense, what was up with that Harrary thing? I think that "TV magic" like that have ceased to have the impact that they used to. It's a different world. Vanishing the statue of liberty has been done. Let's move on hunh?

I'd like to take a moment to talk about the shadow box illusion. Ok so you create a silhouette of some sorts. Hands, a person, etc. It appears and vanishes and alla that, then suddenly a woman appears from the box (Or cylinder.. thing). Gee I wnder who was making those shadows and stuff... hmmm... This is the inherent problem with magicians. They feel compelled to take your hand and walk you down the garden path. It's like in the Prestige. Who wants to be under the stage while someone else gets the applause? Certainly not your wife because let's face it, you marry your assistant, that's one less pay check right? So why not expose the method to those other perhaps more impressive magical moments for one really BIG ONE!!

I dunno. I'm biased I guess. Speaking of biased, Florian Zimmer's paintball bullet catch. I am wondering why no one has stepped up to him and said, "That thing with the neck? Knock it off!" It's dumb and makes no sense. Someone commented his outfit looked like he just got done fighting off some other magician backstage. (Also, why is it the audience is in all these nice suits and the magicians are dressed like homeless kids. When did THAT happen. I missed a memo apparently)

All in all I was not impressed. Choppy noticeable editing, poor directing, and the cavalcade of the same old crap we have been seeing for the last 5-10 years. I think the best part was Doogie actually improving a few lines and getting impaled at the end of Alonso's trick.

I miss Gary Oullet.


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