Saturday, December 13, 2008

Collecting dust...

That's what most magicians props do. Let's face it. A lot of artists are pack rats and today's generation are no different. How many unused magic props do YOU have in your domicile? Decorating your shelves and book cases? Lining your drawers. (Not the ones you have on you twits)

Some years ago, some ass klowns decided to release a few "Custom" decks of cards. The flourisher kiddies went batshit crazy for them.... that is until they realized that the black ink that covered those cards got a bit tacky after playing with them for a week.

Since then, the USPC has found that there is a market for different types of decks of cards and the magicians are in no short shortage of helping them along with that little project. We have become inundated with people clamoring for decks that only look good and serve no real function. The great debate of course is, "Real deck vs custom deck" because people will believe something they are not familiar with is a trick deck.

Like most debates, it's silly. However I personally believe in not giving people reason to be suspicious of ANY of your props... and do as few card tricks as possible. Don't get me wrong, I love cards.. I just happen to know a few tricks with OTHER props.

What is really happening is we are just feeding the collectors market. Mind you I don't really understand what army gear has to do with card decks or magic.. but maybe I am out of the loop. Maybe this is just some retro flashback to that fad of magicians wanting army issue card decks. Black and green backed cards that could be seen under red light. Maybe this is all some strange trend that will eventually stop and people will wake the hell up and start pushing magic back into an artistic direction...

But prolly not.


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