Thursday, December 04, 2008

Multum in Parvo...

For those who don't know what that means, it has nothing to do with canine diseases.

Long gone are the days of books filled with arcane secrets as the only resource to find magic effects. Current trends have created a market for single effect DVD's for the same price as products with MANY effects. The magic youth market is now mostly composed of mindless little consumers who mindlessly follow certain performers or websites and merely turn up their nose at anything not "hip" or "cool".

Why is this? Why do some performers release one trick pony effects when they could EASILY put them on one DVD so you can save some room on your shelves? Simple. It's because the happy capitalists realized they can shear you out of more money by putting out lackluster magic on shoddy production values. YOU! YOU are enabling this! Everyone one of you misinformed little twats who mindlessly follow the herds are making this happen.

The only saving grace is when these effects are offered up as a download. Sure the price is the same cuz' yer paying for the secret, but that should make you realize something... they screw you because they can. Let me offer you up a story to illustrate what I mean.

I was working at the state fair and liked to partake of the occasional slush puppy. They had two sizes. small and... not as small. Well one day I got curious and kept my small glass and ordered the next size up. Guess what? The contents from the larger glass fit into the smaller one. So from then on I just got the cheaper one. What does this have to do with magic? Simple. There are others who prey upon your ignorance because they can. People don't ask questions. They don't challenge anything.

I think it's time we speak up and force these charlatans who call themselves "magicians" that we don't want their over-priced one at a time spoonfed BS anymore. I would rather wait for a WHOLE DVD of effects that cost the same as the simple effect ones. Maybe even, GASP, put it all down into the all too vanishing art of lecture notes. Remember those? Oh wait, I forgot, we live in a world where the internetz have created an army of kids who can't use punctuation or the spell checker function. We just ROTFLMAO our way thru life isn't that right?

You might think I am a little off the hook here, but look around you. It's true and you know it. Problem is it's the evolution, and the only way to stop evolution of anything is genocide. Since that's never gonna happen ,there will periodically be people like me who will stand and shout at the wind to no avail. Why bother? Someone has to do it....

And because the emperor has no clothes.


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