Monday, January 05, 2009

Wanna touch my thing?

Write-ups like This really amuse me: "Finally you push the cloth-covered object back down into the box, dramatically close the lid and bow to thunderous applause!"

They would have you believe that applause is guaranteed like it's a dove production or something. Just because you buy this product, does not mean YOU can get applause with it. For them to even suggest this prop will do what you cannot just makes me wanna laugh.. and then cry.. and then.. kick puppies.

Seriously tho', it reminds me of the old school 80's ads where they would stop motion toys transforming or moving and then SOMEONE along the way got mad because they thought these inanimate objects could actually do all that.. all for $4.95. Remember those old skool magic catalog drawings. Lighting shooting from the magicians fingertips and radiating lines causing the magic to happen. To promise applause is very much like that. Might as well get outlandish with it while yer at it. Tell them it gives you head after the show. That would at least be amusing, and hell, it might even sell more of them.

If yer gonna lie... go all the way.


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