Friday, March 27, 2009


"And the audience loves me.
And I love them.
and they love me for loving them... and I love them for lovin' me.
and we love each other... and that's because none of us
Got enuff love in our childhoods.
And that's show biz... kid.

The first act I do in my show here in Vegas was inspired from a certain scene in a movie. A lot of performers have been influenced from various media throughout their lives. From Alice Cooper to Devo. (the band, not the guy with the sword.)

I speak about stepping out of yer comfort zone by going to places you normally wouldn't. This goes for watching and listening to stuff too. Artsy movies and musicals usually have some great visuals and staging. Sometimes, the choreography itself could be the makings of a great act.... with a few prop changes.

So pay attention to things you might not usually. You might just find an answer to the presentation you been looking for.

And all that jazz...


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