Monday, March 16, 2009

The soul of wit...

Magicians sure know how to DRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAG things out don't they? Now I don't just refer to the cross-dressing types here, I mean everyone. Not only with magic either. Bitching and moaning on websites are prime fare for the proficient armchair magi.

Of course there are those who can use that to their advantage. The king of this of course is Steve Fearson. He can spin hate into gold. However when it comes to magic effects, we just love to marvel at our own magnificence on stage. How many times have you seen a dancing cane routine that would have been much improved by cutting it down to about 30 seconds? How about card manipulation or linking rings or... well most anything considered a "classic". I have said this before and I will repeat it until people start listening. Just because you know every move with a prop, doesn't mean you should DO IT!!

I leave you with a quote - "A lot of magicians have a great 10 minute act, unfortunately it takes them 45 minutes to do it" - Elwood Rabbit

Staple this to yer forehead....


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