Sunday, March 08, 2009

Play with my....

So I was at the World Magic Seminar this last week. A great time to see old friends, make new ones, and generally embed oneself into magic kinda like.. well.. this.

If magic conventions have taught me ANYTHING, it's that you can do magic with anything. In magic I have seen everything from CD's to spoons to candles appear and disappear and even multiply at will. Last year a kid made card boxes appear at his fingertips. Compact Discs have become all the rage in the last decade as it's a far easier medium to hide in your hands than say... 8 tracks.

This year saw the return of someone I had met last year who had a good act then and this year took second (Who will now be a force to be reckoned with when he moves to the adult realm). His act consisted of bringing about ipod's to the magic stage. Hell even the winner of the International competition was a guy who multiplied cell phones between his fingers. No small feat indeed.

This brings up a good question tho'. To win at a magic competition, do you HAVE to manipulate something? Not necessarily, but let's face it. You see a guy producing CD's and mirror balls and whatnot and all you have is linking rings, yer screwed. However, if yer going head to head manipulation, and your act has a story structure and even subtext mixed with skill, you will kill every time.

The real challenge is making that same act enjoyable to not only magicians, but to non-magi's as well. If you ask me, I'd rather work in the real world.

They need the fantasy more.


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