Sunday, August 02, 2009

Because we have to...

I was just watching Garcia's video "Symphony". He does something that I like, that most videos leave out, but also I find it disconcerting that it needs to be done.

Most magic videos simply explain how something is done and that's it. However, in the era of Youtube crotch magic and "ooh ooh look at my new shiny toy!" it seems we have to hold their hands all the way through the process.

In the video DG not only explains how the effects are accomplished, but also when they should be performed. It kind of bothers me that there needs to be a prerequisite to tell these little puppy magicians who so eagerly pee on the carpet when they learn something new, to hold off and only do certain effects when the need arises.

I understand it's always been like this. When we are young, we want to show off for as long as we can to anyone who is foolish enough to watch. However, in the era of instant gratification magic, we can see ANYONE do it before we actually get it from the proper channels and then just... fugg it up.

Not everyone does this sure, but a lot of warm bodies don't seem to know how to go on the paper properly. I think it's time to whack these people on their collective noses with a rolled up piece of paper...

like a phone book.


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