Sunday, August 23, 2009

Why resort to cheap skill?

What is it with magicians releasing gimmicks which promise you the sun, the moon and a handjob under the table that recreate magical effects that could easily by reproduced by a modicum of skillful practice?

Is it because we love the new and shiny? Perhaps we are just lazy bastards... or.. maybe.. just maybe... some evil fucktards are out there praying upon you like Cosmo magazine which likes to swoops down and pick at the remaining bits of many American females' self-esteem.

Could it be they KNOW you'll see this miracle of modern magical technology and you will then think to yourself, "Self, we need that so we too can be magical with no real sacrifice and perhaps we might just set ourselves up to get some nookie."

I don't know if this is the inner dialogue going on in the heads of either sides of the fence but it sure does make you wonder...

don't it?


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