Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Different is good...

I get into an argument with a friend here in Vegas about being different from time to time. He says that a magician producing steaming piles of poo would be different... but it wouldn't be good.

First off, how does he know? Second, anyone could make that argument for the standards too. I hate hypothetical situations for that very reason. You can make up ANY scenario to back up your point. Sure, different isn't always good, but on the other steaming pile, it can be GREAT!

A lot of times people will jeer you and try to tell you what you're doing is wrong or won't fly because no one else has done it. It's not proven and therefore is shite. Well, I'm here to tell you that trying to stand out tempered with some common sense can be highly gratifying. Maybe not for your pocket book, but when you hug a dollar bill, it doesn't hug you back.

So for those who get bombarded on all sides about you doing some classic of magic in a variant that fits who you are or your vision of the art you create, tell those naysayers to go take a flying leap into a meat grinder and then eat them up. In the end of it all, they will be the ones revering you for being able to do something they can't.

If everyone listened to the pessimists, we wouldn't have the awesome things we do today... or the really stupid things too.

It's a fair trade.


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