Friday, June 25, 2010

And a bottle of....

So I was thinking to myself the other day, "I want to vanish a green bottle that's not some weird beer no one drinks." (I actually prefer to vanish a soda bottle as I don't drink, but when you work nightclubs and bars, beer gets a better reaction.)

So I thought of an idea I figured I would share with you my dear readers... you lucky buggers.

First off get yourself a Beck's Nielsen bottle and cut the top of it off... you know, the protruding lip part. Now go find yourself a Heineken bottle and set the two bottles next to each other. Trim down the neck of the Beck's till it's about the same size as the neck of the Heineken (without the lip part) Now glue the lip you cut off the Beck's bottle earlier and glue that sucker back on.

From here there are a few ways to get yourself a label. Peel off a real one from the a Heineken bottle. This label will need to be replaced a lot however as it will become decimated over time and use. If you are resourceful, you can make a label that bears close resemblance and have it done on vinyl OR print out one on the cloth sheets they sell that you can run thru your inkjet printer. However you so choose, slap that puppy onto the bottle and voila'! You can now vanish a bottle no one else has.

The moral of this story? Change the facade of a prop that uses the same function and people will think you are cooler than you really are.

Works on America's Got Talent....


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