Thursday, June 17, 2010

Leveling up!

This was originally going to be this week's column for iTricks, but I glommed onto something else for them and decided to save this tidbit of wisdom for you. Who loves you baby?

Have you ever seen a magician with a prop that you may very well own and yet they get better reactions with it? Is it because you might very well suck as a performer? Could be, BUT it’s likely their presentation of the effect has different layers to it. It’s not just what you see on the surface, but the bits of business and tiny details that make it more appealing.

It’s a lot like creating a costume. If you are very faithful to the design and add on the little details that make the character who they are, it will seem like a whole and complete picture. If you choose to just go for the bare bones of what you see and is there, then something is off or it just looks... ok. It’s because when those little things are there you don’t notice because it blends so seamlessly. However, if they are indeed missing, you notice it. Maybe not consciously, but something is amiss.

This can be applied to magic in many ways. By applying something as simple as a quick aside or quick visual gag or pun, it seems like much more than it really is. Even something as mundane as professor's nightmare or linking rings. All it takes is a look or a wink. A good bit of music editing or just a voice-over. Take something and make it you. Then, when it's yours, no one can take it because you are the best version of yourself out there... or at least should be.

Until they perfect cloning that is.


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