Saturday, November 12, 2011


I was hanging out with Alex Kolle in Nurenburg the last couple days and we did something kinky... we shared gaffs.

I carry a cadre of weird (mostly) card gimmicks with me in my close-up bag. (yes the stage magician had a close-up bag. Get over it.) It was a lot of fun because a hadn't messed with a number if them in over a year or two. Many of them just sit there to show friends or toy with when I am bored.

Alex has some pretty kool ones. Just ideas he made but never did anything with because he had no reason to use them.

I then had a realization about all of this. Serious performers know the difference between a gimmick and magic. There are far too many idiot kids out there releasing untested or unnecessary tricks into the world just because they are "cool".

Listen, creating is fine and dandy if it's for you but selling something to the mass heard of magic sheep just because you know it will sell makes you an evil fuck in my book. Collect these ideas and make a DVD with the ideas, or lecture notes, or Anubis forbid a book (gasp!)

Stop cluttering our vision with your inventions. Just because T11 gives you a place to sell it doesn't mean you should do it.

We need a magic "Better Business Bureau".

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