Sunday, November 20, 2011

What about now?

Walking in Brussels, Belgium tonight I had something run naked thru my head.

Forget everything you know about magic competitions, conventions, and really any performer no one outside of magic has heard of.

Now list me off ANY modern magicians that are well known who perform card manipulation in their shows… aaaaaand GO!

(Jeopardy theme plays)

Times up!! I can see your answer clearly in my mind. It's... Lance Burton!

How did I know that? Simple. There are no grey elephants in Denmark! It's also because he is the ONLY correct answer in the last 40 YEARS!! (also he is no longer working so there really is no answer)

So think about that a bit. Could it be it's a form of amusement relegated to magic competitions to fill time and scores? Might it be anachronistic and out of place in modern society? How about it makes NO DAMN SENSE!

Now to be fair when people see it done right (I can only think of two people who this applies to right now) they seem to enjoy it but on the whole there is a reason you don't see it in ANY Las Vegas shows right now...

Aside from the fact it's also hard as hell to do it well.

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