Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sweet release...

Here are a couple of phrases I am sick of seeing on the internet regarding magic.

"When are you going to release that"
"You HAVE to release that!"

This is what magic has come to. Not "Good job. That looks great". No. It's "when can I do that so I don't have to think for myself?".

It's not just the fault of those people. It's also the fact that almost anything put on video tends to eventually be sold. Why else would you put it out there for people to see right?

This kinda shit drives me crazy and even makes me angry sometimes. "Lemme get this straight? You want me to put this out so you can take credit for all of my hard work and research and development so you can hack it to pieces with your mediocre performance of it? How about you go fuck yourself instead! Please drive thru"

But I digress....

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