Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Haters gonna hate...

You ever get the feeling someone is out to get you?

Many years ago, shortly after the big green weenie started, I got banned for speaking my mind behind closed doors. (long time readers will note my disdain for censorship and the practices of the cafe)

Eventually I had to appoint an intermediary to take up random issues about my products on the forums. Well I just was told that he too got banned. This comes upon the heels of a thread someone else started about my new Overstuft effect getting deleted.

To whomever the ass clown is who apparently has it in for me, why not contact me directly and air your grievances instead of being a huge douche and hiding behind an admin position on a website?

There is a reason websites like this exist.

Update: A second post started by some random person about the aforementioned product has also been deleted.

"A paranoid is simply someone in possession of all the facts" - Spider Jerusalem 

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