Sunday, December 01, 2013

Tiny objects, big reactions?

One thing I cannot stand is when a magician makes a small item vanish (because that is the best thing they could come up with apparently) and then demand applause for it. It's even worse when they expect it to be a BIG reaction and just hold a pose until the audience gives them that all too often heard pity applause. (I am mainly referring to stage and manip acts here)

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with doing a simple vanish of an object BUT (and this is a big butt) it should further the narrative of the routine. It can't be done "just because". There needs to be motivation or a reason. If it's just for the hell of it you have a LARGE field of vision for people to back track to. As a stage performer you don't have the luxury of being up close and personal to misdirect someone. You gotta be sneaky.

PS - Can we stop vanishing or color changing or whatever you do to an object and thn just reproduce it because you have no other way to ditch it? FIND A WAY!!

PPS - I had a magic trick come out Friday.

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