Saturday, November 17, 2007

Clothes make the....

I was on the phone earlier this evening with Brett Loudermilk (yes that is his real name) and we briefly came upon the discussion of clothing... mainly brought upon by his suit...

It was given to him by Todd Robbins. (To which I jokingly said, "And I thought he LIKED you.")

Regardless, I have touched on the idea of costuming on here before. (And if you remember that far back, yer a better person than I) We discussed how Robert Houdin decided to go against the norm of dressing like chinese guys and wizards and wear the typical fare of the times... which was formal wear. Tails, coat, dickie, etc. He went against the grain to stand out. Here it is, who knows how many years later, and magicians are STILL dressing like that.

Then came The Asshat who realized that most magic was populated by so many fashion victims and decided to stand out (Or maybe he just LIKES to shop at good will. Whatever.) In magic, the phrase - "Imitation is the sincerest form of yada yada" has a firm stranglehold in the minds and hearts of so many. It works for them and they appear to be cool cuz' they are on TV. If I dress like them, maybe I can get lucky. (Of course by lucky, they mean not beat up in school. Getting girls for a magician goes beyond luck and right into the realm of MIRACLES.)

Remember, we are performers. We are given the public leeway to be eccentric. That means the way we act AND dress. So feel free to stand out a bit and wear something that gets you noticed. It's part of our jobs to be a bit different.Just stay away from clown costumes.

They have a bad enuff rap as it is.


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