Saturday, November 24, 2007

This just disgusts me...

I was looking on for shits and grins (What does that mean exactly?) and came across an ad for THIS:

We are looking to train a few select people to work full time as children's magicians, interactive dj's for both weddings, corporate events, and kids parties, balloon artists, facepainters, and airbrush artists.
You must have experience working with children between ages 2-10.
Be a quick learner, and highly artistic.
Be outgoing, high energy, have the ability to interact with kids.
Must be clean cut, attractive, and personable.
Know how to handle any situation with professionalism.

These people are going to TRAIN some off the street dumbass to perform magic. Just like those tourist trap magic stores. No experience necessary. Either two years in magic OR two years in sales. They think in a week they can make you a passable magician.

This crap is EXACTLY the reason why magic books are in the games and hobbies section of book stores. THIS is why magic has no respect anymore. THIS is why so many re-re's run rampant in the magic world and why the magic cafe has such a high member count. Let's look at this list of requirements shall we?

Quick learner? Clean Cut? Attractive!? PROFESSIONALISM!!? They're talking about MAGICIANS for fuck's sake!! Go to any, and I repeat... ANY of the magic boards online and you will see NONE of this by and large. Those who have these traits are already working and making real money.. the rest of you are giving the rest of us a bad name.

Yes yes I know there are other things in that list, but I am focusing on magician cuz' it's THERE. Lumped in with face-painters and balloon sculptors. (Which is insulting to those people as well I am sure... but screw them. I'm not one of them. They can get their own journal.)

Ok sure I am being a bit over the top here, (Not the arm wrestling kind either), but this is pretty ridiculous, wouldn't you agree? You know what I want for x-mas this year?

Less asshattery in magic.

Know what I am gonna get for x-mas?



* Not actual dick....

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