Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Handsome Jack likes Watersports....

Ok ok I know I was supposed to give you guys another chance at that contest thing. Sorry been busy. Was in Californication. So I will regale you with that and try to get to the contest thing sometime this week.

First lemme tell you a story - A year or so back I went into Hollywood Magic and asked them, as a joke, if they had "that book on the razor blades. I think it's called Helter Shelter?" The guy behind the counter, without missing a beat or batting an eyelash replies, "Sorry, it's out of print". Well that was news to me. I just laughed cuz' I didna have the heart to tell him I knew better.

So a few days later I decided to take one of the books I had and slip it in with the rest of their reading material. I've done this a few times since just to amuse myself. This last trip I decided to add Helter Shelter: The Movie to their shelves. It's my secret hope someone keeps bringing this stuff up to the counter and they're all like, "Where the hell does this stuff keep coming from!?" So if yer in the LA/Hollywood area, go in there and pick it up. If they charge you more than 30$ for it, laugh and say you can get it cheaper elsewhere.

Since that was prolly the last time I am gonna do that, I decided to let the secret out to amuse you.. my loyal readers. (Waves to all of you as I am pretty sure the number of people who read this could fit in a small car)

Aaaaaaaanywho, On to the Magic Castle - It was a good night. I have learned, if yer a magician, go there on a Sunday or Wednesday. It's a better time to socialize and see the shows as it's not AS full of drunk idiots. Saw many fine performers. One such had a finale that is.. well hard to describe. Randy Cabral did things with paddle balls that have to be seen to be believed. The MC was spot on, but thaz because it was Simon Lovell. A friend to us here and lemmings everywhere. The closer in the Palace was an illusionist named Anthony Reed. He did something amazing for an illusionist. He came across as a likable guy with a personality. He had a few technical stuff ups, but only things a magician would notice. I enjoyed his performance. (If his name sounds familiar he was America's Got Talent a while back)

I also met a very tall gentleman who had a great character. His name is Phil Van Tee. His delivery was of a sort that when he threw out anything off-colour it was funnier than normal cuz' he countenance didn't suggest he would do it. It's a beautiful thing to see. (Especially at the Castle)

The only other performer I saw was Fitzgerald. (Part of the unholy three who performs regularly at the castle) His humor was VERY non-sequiter. The magic was pretty standard, but it's the presentations that made it good. A mean a rope trick done in spanish? Hilarity!

Right, I'm done for now. I'll be back soon to fill your heads with mindless drivel and useless contests. Hopefully we can get our website back up and running again soon.

Blame Canada!


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