Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mucho Thanxo...

As a special thanx to the long-time readers of this journal (And you late comers who just recently started reading) I have a special gift. I did my first magic lecture last week. (In the new format. I did one once before, but it was merely a test beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep)

Before the gift I do want to talk a bit about a way to improve anything and everything you do. it's one simple word. Very easy. Saves a lot of time in the long run. Ready for it? It's called... Research. I don't mean looking up the history of a trick or some shit like that. I mean yah that helps but I mean asking questions. If it's for a trick, ask people... friends, family, complete STRANGERS even. Find out if they saw anything or if they liked it or whatnot. It's ok. They won't think less of you. If it's for a book or, in my case, a lecture then find out what people like. What they like to see. Formats that are preferred. You don't HAVE to adhere to it, but get some insight.

In my case I found out people like free crap at lectures. (Buncha cheap bastards magicians are) So I got to thinking what I could give out. Magic is full of tricks, (I don't mean your ex-girlfriend. I mean magic.), so I didn't feel the need to flood the market with that. I feel magic needs more people with open eyes and I am all for helping jam them babies open like that one scene in A Clockwork Orange (Just without the Beethoven music). Not just takers but contributors. People willing to go that extra distance and further the art. Make it something to be proud of again. Face it we are all champions of a lost cause. (Then again, isn't everybody in some way or another?)

Regardless, I decided to give out a set of notes on creativity, character, and routining. The thoughts are nothing loyal followers of this journal wouldn't already have heard before, but now they are in a handy dandy printable format. So, for those who want them I have The Reality Bubble in pdf format for download for FREE!!

Who do you love and who loves you?


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