Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Seeing as I do tend to bitch about the capitalist nature of the magic community AND release my own filthy products into the world like strange little lampreys for your brain, I figured I should talk a bit about it all.

There is a difference between putting out crappy one shot effects that are merely variations on a theme or things that only work under "test conditions" and releasing stuff that is truly unique and has enough flexibility to be used by almost everyone. I will be the FIRST person to admit to the Merch High one can get form seeing your name on something packaged all pretty and shiny for mass consumption. It really hit me when I released Helter Shelter: The Movie.

It took many months of production and editing etc, but when it was all said and done I don't have to do anything else to make money but sell the damn thing. Now consider how easy it has become for almost anyone with a half-baked idea to release their lack luster products. Places like Murphy's Magic who cater to every wanker with a product. How easy it is to make a good chunk of money in one fell swoop... it can be intoxicating.

Problem is, like any addiction, it can get out of hand. You release one hit, and then you just go crazy because the youth in magic will purchase almost anything with your name on it assuming, it too, will be gold. The money rolls in and you keep rolling out mediocre product. It's a never ending cycle. Most people release their pet effects because they know it will sell. They release half done ideas because they need the money and it's EASY!!

Just keep in mind a quote from SHADE: "You have to ask yourself, is it about the money... or the art?" There is a fine line between the two. Don't get caught up in the hype of your name in lights. This is fickle business where the latest and greatest comes out every other week. Your moment in the sun will be brief unless you truly have something that is well thought out and lasting to offer.

Don't become a statistic.


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