Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I knew if I stuck it out long enuff, someone would get it. (That sounded dirty didn't it?) In the homestretch, someone managed to pick up on one of my hidden clues. That individual is Helen Held! (So send me an email with yer address yo)

It was a long hard uphill battle for most of you and I want to personally thank everyone who participated: Rafael, Kolisar, Christopher, and of course Brendan (And his wife for trying to snake the prizes out from under him to use as leverage for.. who knows.) I'm always happy when I put forth effort and you folks reciprocate. It makes all of my evil machinations seem worthwhile. (If I forgot to thank anyone who ventured a guess, sorry. You can bitch later)

So for those who want to know the answer to the question... tuff. You wanna know, you have to email me. (You'll be glad you did)

Now this journal can return to it's regular dose of ranting and raving for your amusement and my pacification. Remember to keep your dial here for all the news that's fit to print.. and some that isn't.

This still isn't a clue......


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