Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Give em' an inch..

A little forgiveness goes a long way. Hell just ask anyone who has ever suckered their wife into believing they were just playing "Twister" with her sister... naked... without the spinner.. or mat.

Where was I?

Ah yes, leeway. (Or is that segue?) Magicians are very critical of other magician's acts. Some just don't like them, some don't think they are "Good enuff" and others want a deeper meaning into character and motivation. Now I am not saying this is a bad thing. However, on the flip-side you have the non-magicians who look at an act and think "Well that didn't suck" or "Wow, I can't believe I just paid 80 bucks to sit and watch Believe." (Translation: Well that sucked.)

Sometimes magic doesn't make sense. (Did I just say sometimes?) I mean why does ANYONE produce playing cards from the air? Because they can? Sure why not! Why produce doves... or any feathered creature for that fact? Why why WHY!? Simple... because we can.

There is a point where you just have to step back and remember that the people watching us aren't (usually) asking themselves, "Well what's their motivation here?" Especially if you are doing something they have never seen. They're just happy to see something that isn't linking rings probably. People are also not as stupid as we think. (ok well some of them are but..) There comes a point where we have some leeway as magicians because in their eyes, we are just that... magicians. They know that we know that they know that we know it's a show. They know we are just joke blowers trying to give them some eye candy to take the edge off their tedious little lives. So they suspend some disbelief and put on their tinfoil hats and come along for the ride. We like that about them. They give us a lot of room to play and accept a lot because of who we are and what we do. We like that about them.

So just remember, that the magicians may not dig your grave, but then again.. they don't have to. It's ultimately just us and them. Love them, let them love you...just make sure you use protection.

Like a taser.


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