Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A mean mother...

They say necessity is the Mother of Invention. In magic I think it might be boredom. There is a rather unseemly trend that you too may well have noticed in those who create the magical effects that drain the pocket books of the uninformed and unsuspecting. Most of the inventors of magic effects are not the best performers of said effects.

Have you ever been watching a demo video and thought to yourself, "You would think the creator of the effect could perform it better". I know I have... hell I might be the only one, but that's besides the fact. Some people just cannot entertain anything but thoughts. Like magician savants.. without the magician part. It's not their fault. Their brain merely thinks at right angles when it comes to contraption and methods. The synapses that would normally give them social skills or that gift or brazen showbiz glitz are being used elsewhere... like how to make a bong out of an apple.

There are of course those who have both panache for performing AND creativity while others are just good performers and hack-tastic magicians. There is no wrong thing to be... however, if you are a shite presenter, you REALLY need to find someone to explain yer material for you or else you risk some MST3K type ridicule whilst watching yer instructional video... or being known as the magical cure for insomnia.

Know yer role!


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